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Micro Plastics Material Data

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DuPont Engineering Polymers / Americas - Acetal (POM) Homopolymer
Delrin� acetal resins are thermoplastic polymers made by the polymerization of formaldehyde. Delrin 100 is a high viscosity resin, which shows outstanding physical properties, especially toughness. Delrin is noted for high strength and rigidity in a wide temperature range, fatigue endurance, excellent resistance to moisture, gasolines, solvents, and many other neutral chemicals. High resistance to repeated impacts, resilience, it also has a good wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.
Delrin� can be used in automotive, appliance, plumbing, construction, hardware, electronics, and consumer goods.
Automotive Specifications
��������� FORD ESB-M4D464-A2
��������� FORD WSK-M4D681-A
��������� � GM GMP POM 010
��������� GM 7001M (POM)
��������� CHRYSLER MSDB 100 CPN3248
��������� ASTM D4181 POM141
Physical Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Density - Specific Gavity 1.34sp gr 23�/23�C ASTM D792
Melt Flow Rate (190�C/1.05kg - M) 0.800 g/10 min ASTM D1238
Mold Shrink, Linear-Flow (0.125 in) 0.0090 to 0.012 in/in ASTM D955
Mold Shrink, Linear-Trans (0.125 in) 0.010 to 0.013 in/in ASTM D955
Water Absorption @ Equil (50% RH, 73�F) 0.35% ASTM D570
Water Absorption @ 24 hrs (73�F) 0.44% ASTM D570
Water Absorption @ Sat. (73�F) 0.85% ASTM D570
Mechanical Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Tensile Modulus (73�F) 190,000psi ASTM D638
Tensile Strength ASTM D638
��������� (158�F) 4,700psi
��������� (212�F) 3,400psi
��������� (250�F) 2,600psi
Tensile Strength @ Yield (73�F) 6,500psi ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation @ Yield (73�F) 35% ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation @ Break ASTM D638
��������� (73�F) 150%
��������� (158�F) 250%
��������� (212�F) 250%
Flexural Modulus ASTM D970
��������� (73�F) 160,000psi
��������� (158�F) 100,000psi
��������� (212�F) 50,000psi
��������� (250�F) 33,000psi
Flexural Strength (73�F) 5,200psi ASTM D790
Shear Strength 5,000psi ASTM D732
Poisson's Ratio 0.35 ASTM E132
Coefficient of Friction (vs. Metal - Dynamic) 0.14 ASTM D1894
Deformation Under Load (2,000psi, 122�F) 3.00% ASTM D621
Impact Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Notched Izod Impact ASTM D256
��������� (-40�F) 4.70 ft-lb/in
��������� (73�F) 16.00 ft-lb/in
Unnotched Izod Impact @ (73�F) No Break ft-lb/in ASTM D256
Tensile Impact Strength @ (73�F) 750 ft-lb/in� ASTM D1822
Hardness Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785
��������� (M-Scale) 58
��������� (R-Scale) 105
Thermal Nominal Values (English) Test Method
DTUL @ 264psi - Unannealed 142�F ASTM D648
DTUL @ 66psi - Unannealed 255�F ASTM D648
Melting Point 352�F ASTM D3418
CLTE, Flow (73�F to 130�F (23�C to 55�C)) 0.00013 in/in/�F ASTM D696
CLTE, Transverse (73�F to 130�F (23�C to 55�C)) 7.5E-005 in/in/�F ASTM D696
Rel Temp Indx Mech w/oImp UL 746
��������� (0.118 in) 185�F
��������� (0.0591 in) 185�F
Rel Temp Indx Mech w/Imp UL 746
��������� (0.118 in) 185�F
��������� (0.0591 in) 185�F
Rel Temp Indx Elect UL 746
��������� (0.118 in) 221�F
��������� (0.0591 in) 221�F
Electrical Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Surface Resistivity 2.0E+014 ohms ASTM D257
Volume Resistivity 4.0E+014 ohms-cm ASTM D257
Dielectric Strength (0.125 in) 510 V/mil ASTM D149
Dielectric Constant (1,000,000 Hz) 4.200 ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor (1,000,000 Hz) 0.027 ASTM D150
Arc Resistance 120 sec ASTM D495
Ignition Characteristics Nominal Values (English) Test Method
Flame Rating - UL UL 94
��������� (0.0591 in) HB
��������� (0.118 in) HB


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