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Removable Rivets
Removable Rivets Removable Rivets

Removable Rivets are two-piece nylon rivets which can be removed by retracting the pin, and then the body. The body incorporates a slot in line with the pin so that the pin can be removed by inserting a small screw driver, other sharp edge, or even a fingernail underneath the head of the pin. P/N 61RR250500 in addition to working in a .250 round hole, will also fit the .210"/.218" square hole found in the "darling" type shelf commonly found in retail stores.

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Item NumberDescriptionPackage QtyABCHole SizePanel Thickness
61RR188062ASSEMBLED 2PC RIVET M01 Pre-Packaged @ 1,000pcs/S-bag10000.375 (+/-.015)0.070 (+/- 0.005)0.500 (+/- 0.031)0.1880.062
61RR188125ASSEMBLED 2PC RIVET M01 Pre-Packed @ 500pcs/S-Bag5000.375 (+/-.015)0.070 (+/- 0.005)0.500 (+/- 0.031)0.1880.125
61RR250125ASSEMBLED 2 PC RIVET M01 Pre-Packaged @ 1,000pcs/S-bag10000.437 (+/-.015)0.070 (+/- 0.005)0.500 (+/- 0.031)0.2500.125
61RR250188ASSEMBLED 2PC RIVET M01 Pre-Packaged @ 500pcs/S-bag5000.437 (+/-.015)0.070 (+/- 0.005)0.500 (+/- 0.031)0.2500.187
61RR250500ASSEMBLED 2 PC RIVET M01 Pre-Packaged @ 500pcs/S-bag5000.437 (+/-.015)0.070 (+/- 0.005)0.500 (+/- 0.031)0.2500.062

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