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Threaded Studs
Threaded Studs Threaded Studs

Injection molded threaded studs with chamfer on both ends are available in several of the most popular sizes and lengths. Threaded studs are molded in natural Nylon 6/6 UL 94V2. These studs are resistant to most chemicals, electrically insulating, non-magnetic, lightweight, low thermal conductivity, vibration and abrasion resistant.

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Item NumberDescriptionPackage QtyThreadLength
3801032075SD1032 X 3/4 THREADED STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 1,000pcs/S-bag100010320.750 (+0/-0.03)
3801032100SD1032X1 THREADED STUD M01N/A10321.000 (+0/-0.03)
3801032150SD1032 X 1 1/2 THREADED STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 500pcs/S-bag50010321.500 (+0/-0.03)
3801032200SD1032 X 2 THREADED STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 500pcs/S-bag50010322.000 (+0/-0.03)
3801032250SD1032 X 2 1/2 THRD STUD M01N/A10322.500 (+0/-0.09)
3825020075SD1/4-20 X 3/4 THREADED STUD M01N/A1/4-200.750 (+0/-0.03)
3825020100SD1/4-20 X 1 THREADED STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 1,000pcs/S-bag10001/4-201.000 (+0/-0.03)
3825020150SD1/4-20X1 1/2 THREADED STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 500pcs/S-bag5001/4-201.500 (+0/-0.06)
3825020200SD1/4-20 X 2 THREADED STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 1,000pcs/L-bag10001/4-202.000 (+0/-0.06)
3825020250SD1/4-20 X 2 1/2 STUD M01 Pre-Packaged @ 500pcs/S-bag5001/4-202.500 (+0/-0.09)

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