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quality plastic fasteners for over 50 years


Why Work for Micro Plastics, Inc.?

  • We are a progressive, growing company that will provide future opportunity for employment growth and advancements.
  • We have been in business since 1961, are financially sound with very low debt, and have an impressive track record of stable growth and employment over the long haul including difficult economic times.
  • We have a competitive benefit package including health and dental insurance available at an extremely attractive employee contribution cost.
  • We have a 401k plan open to all full time employees with group and one-on-one financial counseling.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques to maintain our relevance in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Applying for a Position

In general, Micro Plastics wants people who are hardworking, and interested in achieving results. Micro wants people who will strive to accomplish company’s mission to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. People who will actively pursue ever improving quality through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.

Micro is also looking for people who are willing to dedicate themselves to their job. The facility is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Since there are many hours to fill, including nightshifts, Micro is looking for people who are willing to be flexible with their scheduling.

Aside from the online application process, you can also apply in person at 11 Industry Lane, Flippin AR.

After the application is submitted, a member of our human resources team and the hiring manager will review all applications, including those 90 days old and less. You will be contacted for a follow-up screening if your experience, skills, education, and background best match the requirements for the opportunity.

If selected in the above review, we will contact you for an initial screen of your qualifications. This will be in the form of an interview, skills test/questionnaire, or a combination of both. Please be prepared to explain your strengths, developmental interests, accomplishments, goals, & work history. At this time, we will share more details about the role and where we are in the hiring process. Depending on the position applied for, multiple visits may be required.

Opportunities for employment with Micro Plastics vary. As positions become open, the above process will be followed.

Micro Plastics will provide reasonable accommodation to complete the online application consistent with applicable law. If you require an accommodation, please contact us and ask to speak with the human resources department.

Micro Plastics, Inc. is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer.

Apply Online

To apply online, download the employment application, fill it out completely and email the completed application to [email protected].

You will need the latest Adobe Reader (Acrobat) to open the PDF.

Additional Instruction:

First, right-click the "download the employment application" link and select "Save Target As".  Save this file to a location on your computer such as My Documents or the Desktop.

Open the file you just saved and fill out the form completely.  Save the form.

Now compose a new email to [email protected] using your email program, and attach the saved form to the email.

More Information: Company Background

The history of Micro Plastics is a story of how a company that started with one machine in the founder’s garage, grew to become the largest manufacture of threaded nylon fasteners in the world.

Micro Plastics Plant  

In 1960 Roy Hill, the company founder, worked for General Electric Company’s plastics division. At that time G.E. was the largest manufacturer of plastic parts in the world. But they weren’t particularly good at small parts. In that early stage of the plastics industry, Mr. Hill saw an opportunity in the world of small parts.

Micro Plastics was born in his garage in 1961, in Des Plaines, Illinois, with one small molding machine. Soon several more small machines were added. The fledgling company catered to customers that needed small plastics parts made to their specifications. The business soon outgrew the garage, and in the next few years, went through a series of moves from a 1500 sq. ft building, to 5,000 sq. ft, and then to 10, 000 sq. ft. The company built its own molds, and developed a reputation of delivering small, quality parts at a reasonable cost.

In 1975, the company moved to Arkansas and built a new plant. Starting with only 15 employees, the company began to develop its own product line in addition to its custom molding business. Growth accelerated in Arkansas, and by 1980, the company employed more than 100 employees.

Today, the company has over 400 employees, and has become the largest manufacturer of threaded nylon fasteners in the world. Although most of our parts are sold in the US, we export to many countries in Europe and also the far- east. We produce over 100 millions parts per month and maintain an inventory of over 300 million parts. Our manufacturing process is clean and non-polluting.

Molding Floor

At any time, you are not far from a Micro Plastics’ product. Applications include appliances, electronics, computers, and many industrial products. Our parts have been in the space shuttle, the Pershing missile, the Boeing 777 aircraft, and in less glamorous applications like the Rival Crock-pot and the Poulan weed-eater. You can find our parts in the local Wal-Mart or the hardware store. The diversity of our applications has given us stability which is shared with our employees.

In addition to sharing our past, we would like to share our vision of the future with you as well. Our goal is to become the best in world at what we do, and to truly achieve excellence in our products and our service to our customers. We want to continue to grow and increase our global presence. As part of this, we want every employee to be given the tools and have the opportunity to fully reach their own potential. We are proud to be a member of the twin-lake community!!


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