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Micro Plastics History
In the early sixties, while working as a sales engineer for General Electric, Roy Hill recognized a market need for small, injection-molded plastic parts. In the suburbs of Chicago, he started micro plastics, inc. out of his garage, working nights and weekends to build the foundation of his dreams. Marilyn and Roy Hill
Marilyn and Roy Hill
Sketch of Illinois Facility
Sketch of the Illinois facility
His formula for success was competitive pricing and reliable quality. It wasn't long before he could move the family car back into the garage and take the operations into a 5 thousand square foot molding facility and tooling shop. Success was abound.
During the mid seventies, Roy, along with his wife Marilyn, recognized that operating the business in an urban area was slowing the pace of growth they desired. The allure of the Ozarks and Bull Shoals Lake convinced him to make a bold decision: to move the entire operation south. micro plastics new home: Flippin, Arkansas. Population: 1000. First Facility in Arkansas
Our first facility in Arkansas
Micro Tool Room Circa 1970
Our tool room in the 70s
By the mid-eighties, the company had grown to 50 thousand square feet, and over 200 employees. It's advantage of having it's own in house tooling facility along with a diverse product line consisting of standard and custom built parts took the company to 100 thousand square feet and 300 employees at the close of the decade.
The recession of the early nineties took it's toll on many companies. Roy's practice of diversity kept micro plastics afloat. With the tech boom came additional opportunities for them and they grabbed every one of them. More expansion and positions were added. With automation and robotics created in the new R&D department, micro was operating at an extreme level of efficiency by the turn of the millennium, which was necessary to remain competitive in an ever-demanding market. Micro Plastics, Inc. Campus
micro plastics, inc. today
Tom Hill Micro Plastics, Inc. CEO and President
Tom Hill, CEO and President
Today, Tom Hill, Roy's son, is guiding the company into the future. Tom's knowledge of technology, as well as working for the company in all departments since the age of 16, has helped propel the company into the global community: the UK and Europe, Mexico, Australia, China and Russia. As of 2014 the facility in Flippin, AR is 238,000 square feet, with the number of employees over 450. With ISO certification displaying a desire to serve the international business market, micro has become what Roy had envisioned in the sixties: the largest manufacturer of threaded nylon fasteners in the world.

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